Sudha Kuruganti


This is the internet home of the Dark Fantasy author, Sudha Kuruganti.

My writing blends fantasy, magical realism, horror, romance and humour to create intriguing stories that thrilland chill.

My work includes an anthology of fractured fairy tales, several short stories, a series of microfiction published weekly, and an interactive fiction experience.

Love reading about badass women? Tired of sappy love stories featuring vampires, angels, and the like?

Then this is the book for you.

Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul features twenty-two intriguing dark fantasy stories inspired by Indian mythology.

So, are you ready?

Enter a world where demons fall in love with deities, the dead are exorcised with food, and magic is around every corner. 

Featuring cross-dressing assassins, were-snakes, goddesses and demon kings, Dark Things serves up age-old tales from Indian mythology—with a twist.

For newbies to the genre,  Dark Things includes a quick primer on Indian mythology—all you need to know about Hinduism to enjoy the book. Bonus features include wiki-links to unfamiliar terms.

With footnotes and an afterword to each story explaining the mythology to casual readers, these short stories will delight lovers of the unusual.

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My work

I’m a contributing artist to the Digital Writers Festival 2018, an online-first writers’ festival dedicated to celebrating the work of writers from Australia and across the world. 

My short stories have been published in an anthology, The Long and Short of It,  and in Reading Hour, a magazine featuring fiction, verse, essays, interviews, and reviews.

My fanfiction has been featured on TV Tropes‘ Fanfic Worth Dying For page, and I’ve been interviewed by The Times of India

I’m now working on my first novel – a paranormal thriller about an ordinary girl caught in a situation beyond her control.

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Enter a world where Darkness is given voice…

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…and myths are turned on their head.

Do you dare find out…what lies between the shadow and the soul?


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