Legend Valley Academy

Welcome to an Academy like no other.

Where myths and monsters from all over the world are real.

Book trailer for Legend Valley Academy

This trilogy is a Young Adult Paranormal Academy series. Featuring an intriguing supernatural mystery and slow-burn romance, Legend Valley Academy is a coming-of-age story about screw-ups and second chances, discovering yourself, and finding out where you truly belong.

An #OwnVoices book featuring a kick-ass POC heroine and an unusual shifter male lead, this series is for readers looking for diverse reads and multicultural fantasy.


“…fully developed, three-dimensional characters with their own backstories and issues. A little bigotry, a little
teenage romance, along with friendships – and an excellent storyline – makes this an engrossing read.”

“..the integration of not just Hindu mythology, but other mythologies from all over the world, is brilliant. There was obviously a lot of research that went into this series and it shows.”

“… I will be awaiting the next 2 books impatiently!”

The Legend Valley Academy trilogy is complete. Boxed set and paperback omnibus edition coming soon!

Next up: a spin-off of urban fantasy shorts set in the same universe, featuring Laya Avasarala, Mal’s kickass relic hunter aunt. She’ll be dealing with cursed artifacts, haunted relics, and one very aggravating Brit werewolf named Malcolm Grant. 😉