The Turing Point

The Turing Point by Sudha Kuruganti - An interactive YA sci-fi novella
The Turing Point

Can you survive the robot uprising in a post-apocalyptic world?

First came the apocalypse.

Then came the tech-zombies.

After the dust settled down, all that’s left is a lonely cyberpunk world where murderous robots can pass off as huma9ns.

As one of the few survivors, all your relationships have been fleeting, rare – and mostly online.

It’s the only way to stay safe.

But recently, you’ve felt that you’ve found a true friend in your online chat buddy.

And they want to meet.


But there’s one question you need to answer first.

Can you trust them?

The Turing Point is an interactive novella where you are the main character. Click on the in-story links to take the action forward as you choose how to react in each situation you encounter.

But beware: dangers lurk in the dark spaces of the internet, and your every choice can have deadly consequences.

Are people on the internet ever who they say they are?