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Nysha & Arjun

Vikram’s sister Aneesha aka Nysha is only sixteen, but she knows she’s going places. And she’s got the ‘gram followers to prove it.

Bloom by Sudha Kuruganti

Someday soon, she’s going to be a star. Following her dad and her brother Vikram into the family florist’s business is NOT in the cards for her.

Arjun is her brother’s best friend. He’s studying to be a doctor, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun – and helping Vikram lighten up, too.

And he’s very, very carefully never thought of Nysha as anything other than his best friend’s sister.

But when Nysha needs help, Arjun is ready to step up.

Will Arjun’s not-crush ever work out?

Read Bloom by Sudha Kuruganti and find out!

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