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    Nysha & Arjun

    Vikram’s sister Aneesha aka Nysha is only sixteen, but she knows she’s going places. And she’s got the ‘gram followers to prove it. Someday soon, she’s going to be a star. Following her dad and her brother Vikram into the family florist’s business is NOT in the cards for her. Arjun is her brother’s best friend. He’s studying to be a doctor, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun – and helping Vikram lighten up, too. And he’s very, very carefully never thought of Nysha as anything other than his best friend’s sister. But when Nysha needs help, Arjun is ready to step up. Will Arjun’s not-crush ever work…

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    Blossoms & Buds

    Is there anything more joyful than a roomful of flowers in bloom? Not according to Kumar Ravella – and that’s why he named his flower shop exactly that – Blossoms and Buds. His son Vikram agrees. He’s only eighteen, but he knows he wants to work there forever. After all, for as long as Vikram can remember, the family business has been his first love – until he meets Samantha… Buyy Bloom by Sudha Kuruganti to read more – out now on! .

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    Sam & Vikram

    Meet Samantha. She’s spending the summer before she starts college in Hyderabad, with her grandmother – the last link she has to her roots and her father’s homeland. No one around Sam knows what to make of this half Indian-half white girl with her purple hair and her ripped jeans, but that’s fine – because she’s not here to make friends. Vikram, on the other hand, is great at making friends. As long as they’re customers. He’s spending his summer working at his dad’s flower shop. He’s desperate to prove that he can take over the family business. When these two meet, there’s an instant attraction. But between them lies…

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    The sands of time…

    In the United States of America, the Great Flood causes extensive damage in the Midwest; the town of Des Moines is virtually destroyed. In London, the UK, the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations is opened by Queen Victoria in the Crystal Palace, Hyde Park. In India, the British East India Company starts to grab power – by threat, intimidation, bribery or outright war – for centuries to come. And in the cantonment town of Secunderabad, India, Meera, a young girl, meets Michael, an English soldier – and starts a story that will echo down the ages… Read more in Bloom by Sudha Kuruganti. An urban fantasy paranormal romance – out now on Amazon!

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    Hyderabad: The world of Elementals of India

    The Elementals of India by Sudha Kuruganti is set in the author’s hometown – Hyderabad, the City of Nawabs. Known for its pearls and biryani, Hyderabad is the capital of Telanaga, in South India. Hyderabad is also home to the iconic Charminar (seen in the image), a tower of four minarets, each of them facing a different street. In the 1700s, Nizam Ālī, the ruler of Hyderabad, accepted British control. Consequently, a British Resident and a subsidiary force of British troops were installed in the state. Post-independence from the British, the state joined the Indian union in 1948. Modern Hyderabad blends the old and the new with ease – Cyberabad and…